I believe that all of you have heard that our Superman, Super Junior, will be held Sushow 4 in Jakarta on April 28-29, 2012. Fyi, I heard that news from my friend, actually she’s not an ELF, but she knew that news first than me!!. Okyu, This is the chronology :

*I enter my class*

Jo : Ta, Sushow4INA uda di confirm lho. Ak tdi pagi liat di koran.

Me: Mwo! yang bener Jo?

Jo : Beneran.

Me: *shock**galau**speechless*

It made me soooo ‘galau’. Yeah, I have been being an ELF more than 3.5 years, but when they ( Suju ) come to Indo, I can’t watch them directly!! I wanna see them so bad, I wanna attend their great concert. I’ve carvings for SS4INA concert ticket ( I hope I get a miracle, Amen ). But, What could I do? I could do nothing 😦 I could only search that news’ truth. And *taraaaa* I found this

that’s the evidence that SS4INA has been confirmed. I got that schedule from Super Junior official site.

But, soon I realized that it wasn’t no use to’menggalau’. It won’t make any miracles if we ‘menggalau’ all day long. I ever said that ‘ I hope that they won’t come to Indo, and they won’t hold a concert here’,  Wasn’t that so egoist and childish (of course) ? Yes, it was. And, I already realized that there is kind of a pride if Super Junior come to our beloved country, Indonesia. They could feel Indonesia’s atmosphere and they could inhale the same air with us. That’s a pride, aight?

Beside that, by they come to Indonesia they would know that we love and support them. I wish that SS4INA will be the most enormous concert than the previous concert. Amen.

Now, I just let Sushow4 slide. And also I rather choose ‘menggalau’ for my Book Report assignment than Super Show 4 -__-

P.S. As you all know that Sushow4INA will be held in Mata Elang International Stadium. I also heard that 20 thousands ELF will attend this concert.


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