[Random] Happy Birthday eonni !!

Happy birthday to my one on only sister, Arsvio eonni.

May God gives you the best and may He leads you the the right way.

I believe that He always stands over you, watches you and never leaves you.

Thanks for being my great sister. You willing to give your hand whenever I need you. You never mad at me even though there are so many mistakes that I’ve made. You patiently teach me something new. You always gives me your best encouragement whenever I get down.

Having you as my sister is the best present from God. I’ll never regret that.

You know that life won’t always run as you wish. But, I believe that you can conquer the world. Keep going on. Don’t let them to get you down.

I wish you can reach all your dream. Amen.

Once again, Happy birthday eonni 🙂

P.S. You have to :

1. Eat well and sleep well !

Makan yang banyak biar gak kurus kering kayak gitu.

2. Stop disturbing me

Kamu kan udah hampir kepala 3 eonn, jangan sering gangguin adik mu ini *pukpuk diri sendiri* Boleh ganggu, tapi jangan kelewatan, atau ntar aku lempar ke dorm nya Suju loh *gue juga mauuu*

Then, may be it’s little bit late. But, I wanna say “Happy Birthday” to Siwon and Eunhyuk oppa

To Siwon Oppa : I have nothing to say to you. You’re such a perfect guy ^^,

To Eunhyuk Oppa : My friend said that you getting handsome day by day. Kekeke.  In the long run, I wish you can still give your best effort to Super Junior. Keep your smile, oppa 🙂

And Happy Birthday to EXO-K’s cute magnae, Sehun and Koko unyu, EXO-M’s Luhan.

Koko! Kenapa kamu unyu banget?! *hug koko*

For those who was born on April, I wanna say ” Happy Birthday”. May God always protects you and always leads you. Amen 😀


2 thoughts on “[Random] Happy Birthday eonni !!

  1. UNNI….. kau sedang berulang tahun kah??? hem, aq bneran ga’ tau lho un klo kamu ultah……:(
    ya udah dech….
    happy b’day……:)
    saengil chukae hamnida……^-^
    zhu ni sheng ri gaui li…..:D
    smoga umurnya barokah, intinya semua yg baek2 lah…amiiinn….^-^
    ma2f ya un ga’ bisa kasi’ apa2, tpi insyaallah komenq bisa jdi kado buatmu n aq bisa tmbah rajin komen *yg kmren ja blom di komen…..hihihi

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