Quote of The Day


” Some people have too much confidence “

Aku tidak tau harus menyebut kamu apa

Arrogant? Yes, you are

Immature? Yes, of course

Disrespectful? Absolutely yes

Meskipun arum eonni yang mengalami, tapi siapa sih yang enggak ‘gemes’ kalau kritiknya dianggap kosong, kritiknya dianggap enggak membangun ?

Selama hampir 18 taun ini, It was my first time met such an arrogant person. If you’re really an educated person, you wouldn’t say “I’m better than you”. Hey girl, seharusnya kamu membaca pepatah “Bagaikan ilmu padi, makin berisi makin merunduk”. Orang yang berilmu, pandai biasanya enggak sombong, ini inti dari pepatah itu. I wish you can apply that proverb in your life. Also, I wish in the future you can be more respectful.

Source picture : tumblr


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