Happy Birthday Lil Sist

Happy birthday to my lovely Lil Sist. Wish Allah blessing always shine on you. And hope He also give you happiness, prosperity, and health.


Time to grow as adult. Being a mature isn’t that easy, right? But, slowly as the time goes by, I know that you will get it. I realize for now, I treat you like my lil girl, a cute girl with cubby cheeks. I do that, of course, because I love you.

You’re yourself. Don’t even bother with my appearance. You have your own capability, characteristic, and also personality. You aren’t a shadow of me. Sometimes, maybe others compare us, but once more you have your achievement. And as a sister, I proud of you.



One thought on “Happy Birthday Lil Sist

  1. Why do I start to tearing just because read this short post. Kekeke
    I know that you’re suffered a lot because of my unstable mood. I do apologize for this one *deep bow*
    Just now, I may not find my own way yet, but I wish I could find it soon :))

    Gomawo eonni-ya.

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