[Design] My Recent Favorite Drama

Annyeong, it’s lil sist

Yup, It’s our (me and arsvio eonni) recent favorite drama, The Nice Guy a.k.a The Innocent Man. Yeah, I deeply into this drama. I love its plot, its characters and I love every single things in this drama.

This drama is really worth to watch! Note it. And I wish it has happy ending.


5 thoughts on “[Design] My Recent Favorite Drama

  1. @widanong says:

    me too Eonni…. bener2 dikuras emosi aku semua’y pas nntn drama ini. Kang Ma Roo’y KEREN… apalagi pas Suh Eun Gi hilang ingatan, Pengorbanan Ma Roo’y banyak tampak d sana… iiihhh its so romantic…

  2. feb.fishy ki aile says:

    My fav drama ever! Every single scene leads me into curiosity. Emosi di aduk2. Sweet yet painful romance.
    Aktor dan aktrisnya mainin karakter greatly. Even the devil Jae Hee.

    • I’m with you. I wish it cud get Drama of The Year award.
      Aku nonton 3 episode pertama udah pusing banget, soalnya emg bener2 ngaduk2 emosi. Tapi dramanya nagih, jadi pingin nonton terus πŸ™‚

      Yeah, they portray their role perfectly.

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