[Uncategorized] Words for Teukie

A Rough Trail

Your tear wasn’t clear

And the fake is your face

Was there I saw you in blue

Standing alone by the time

Waiting for them letting your thrill out

The rough road standing strong behind you

While, all those glitters are apart

Only those barefoot that prop you up

When your hands turn cold, no one could hold

When your embraces are bare, nobody would fill it

When the hellish time catching you up, no clown could cheer you up

All you have is you, just you

(By: ‘lil sist)

Maybe this suck poem (errr… can I call that as a poem?) isn’t good enough to you, Teukie oppa. But, I made it just for you. Now, you’re standing alone facing this long way. Please don’t say good bye cause you promise will be back.

Take a little time baby
See the butterflies’ colors
Listen to the birds that were sent
To sing for me and you
Can you feel me
This is such a wonderful place to be
Even if there is pain now
Everything will be all right
For as long as the world still turns
There will be night and day
Can you hear me
There’s a rainbow always after the rain

(Rainbow-David Archuleta)

Maybe, it’s the time for you to fight (?), but I believe that there is a rainbow after the rain. Happiness will come over you.

Aishh…the boys will miss their eomma and everyone will miss your bright smile 😦 Two years isn’t that long time, you will pass it soon. Teukie oppa, fighting!

No one will shed your tears, so don’t cry too much. Eat well, sleep well and please stay healthy. You have to come back as a strong person ^^,

With love,

‘lil sist


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