[Design] EXO’s 4th and 5th Teasers

exo xoxo wp 2


exo xoxo wp





Am I the only one who is over excited about EXO’s comeback?

Hmm…I do hope their comeback song isn’t Wolf. Why? As we all know that Wolf was already leaked through internet. Moreover (to be frank) its lyric is kinda corny 😐

And I really appreciate SM if they include Baby Don’t Cry full version in their upcoming album *crossing fingers*. I’ve been waiting for its full version since forever.

The last, I bet all of you to be on the same page with me if they look so friggin hot and handsome in the uniform concept. Thanks to whoever who had this idea 🙂


With love,

‘lil sist


2 thoughts on “[Design] EXO’s 4th and 5th Teasers

  1. I totally agree w/ you hohoho
    They’re freakin’ hot and handsome in that suit huaaaaaa *garuk tanah*
    Yeaahh i do hope their cmback song isn’t wolf too, really hope that.
    I also hope that Baby Don’t Cry will also include in their upcoming album, geu norae jinjja jhoa >.<

    • yeah! They’re so freakin handsome.
      Beside that, I wish My Lady or maybe Let Out The Beast are included in their 1st album. Those songs are ear-catching tho.
      Aaak wishing all the best for their comeback 🙂

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