[Download] BTBE Theme Songs

the gorgeouses

Someone asked me about one of the theme song which I used for BTBE. But, hella yeah, It seems difficult to search and download that song, except torrent user. Here, I have uploaded some songs by Kelly Clarkson that I put as BTBE’s theme song in my 4shared, so you can easily download it.

[1] Standing in Front of You: download song

[2] Beautiful Disaster: download song

[3] Dark Side: download song

The third song will be the main song for BTBE. Thank you. ^^


10 thoughts on “[Download] BTBE Theme Songs

  1. upksy says:

    bisa aja nih,ada lagunya,hmm,sudah download nih kak,takut terlalu mendalami cerita banget deh jadinya ntar pas baca,hihihi,okay,aku mau mendalami lagu-lagunya lagi deh,

  2. Octakirana says:

    Wahaha cocok ini , biasanya kalo baca itu cuman scene adegan sesuai yang unnie baca langsung aja bersliweran (?) dikepala , lha ini sekarang difasilitasi ma sountraknya pula ya … 😀 makin menghayati adegan !!

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