About Us


Here it is,our wordpress blog. You’ll find much more about SJ (Super Junior). Of course because we’re ELF.

Older sist’s speaking here…

My name is Arum Handini Primandari. Ussualy, i use arsvio as my nickname. Just call me with ‘Arum’ or ‘Ar’. I was born in the same year as SJ’s magnae, yeah, Cho Kyuhyun. Now, I have been studying for my master degree in UGM. I took math as my concentration. Making fan fiction is just one of my hobby. It’s fulfill my leisure time, but sometime i’ve to make extra time for doing that. Hope you guys enjoying my blog.

you can contact me on

twiter: @arsvio

Lil sist’s speaking here…

Hola, buddies. I’m Ananda Chatalia Asri. You can call me Tata. I was born exactly 10 years after uncle Leeteuk was born, in other words I’m 93 liner. Yeah, both of us have same birthday. Now, I have been become a student on English Literature, Yogyakarta State University. I take my bachelor degree there. My hobby is on graphic design, I just kill my time to edit some photos. You guys can see my creation in gallery. Wish this blog useful for you.

wanna see me?

You can see me on

Twitter : @Chastalia

or you can visit my tumblr account at http://and17.tumblr.com/

Beside that, you can interact with us via our new blog’s twitter @lenterajingga13



89 thoughts on “About Us

  1. nemuin blog ini disalah satu daftar rekomendasi dan taraaa langsung disuguhin wajah donghae yang amit amit cakepnya~
    sophie here,
    93 line
    aku suka dgn tampilan blognya
    dan setelah ini mau menjelajah di blog ini dulu kekeke~
    salam kenal ^^

  2. abellia cho^ says:

    ku jg slh satu readr dsn tpi bru kali prtma say hallo ama yg punya WP hehe padhal udh baca & coment jg sih..
    ku jg mau minta PW ff BTBE yg diprotec boleh gak??
    klo gk salah part 7,8, epiloge
    krim ke email ku ya : abellianez2@gmail.com GOMAWO

  3. annyeong arum oenni uswa imnida. senengnya akhirnya bisa ikut coment *selama ini selalu jadi silent reader.. hehe mian*

    aku selalu suka ff yang oenny tulis, seriously that so amazing. selalu inspiratif. kadang aku mikir oenni dapat ide dari mana sih bisa bikin ff sebagus ini. πŸ™‚

    sekali lagi salam kenal oenni

  4. fishy_888991 says:

    Eun sun imnida…91 line…
    Reader bru di WP ini, bner” bru…haha
    Nemu ini pas ngepoin ff org…
    Blum sempet bca, krna blum ijin sma author ny…
    So, minta ijin bca ff ny + ngubek” WP nya yaaa…
    Ada ” get a password”, jdi pasti ada yg di protect, ntr boleh bgi yaa …

    Skli lgi ijin bca yaaa…

  5. Hi Ar unnie & tata unnie! i found this blog when i was get bored with other fanfics blog pmsl i was searching for a nice fanfics to read and tadaaaa i found it and i was amazed with your blog! so colorfull! and i love all of your design, seriously! i think my design skill is way too far from both of you unnie /sigh/ lol okay, and as a good reader i promise to always leave a comment^^ nice to know you unnirs! πŸ™‚

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